High Point

Another short story, I’m going to try to keep this under 1000 words so we’ll call it flash fiction. This one is again entirely based on the title, spur of the moment, and rough drafted for your pleasure. Also, if you’re wondering why I am saying another, and again check… here. (Hindsight: this went somewhere I never imagined, perhaps a little cheesy though.)


Sweat rolled down Gloria’s neck, but she didn’t dare move to wipe it away even if she could without falling over. Her ankles ached and she could feel a crack in her toenail. Honestly, it was insane to stay on point this long. Nobody should be able to feel a crack in their toenail–toenails aren’t meant to be felt. Her arches screamed louder still, but it was the toenail that bothered her.

She tried to remain effortless, reminding herself to smile. She reminded herself that she had the strength to defy gravity, her former teacher had always used the phrase, “Like helium in your finger tips prevents your heels touching the ground.” Kotchkoff had been masterful in his day, he had floated across stages to the sound of orchestras. Fourteen years studying under Kotchkoff had driven into Gloria’s very spine the same steel that inhabited his sixty-nine year old frame. When she was chosen to dance before diplomats at only twenty he had beamed with pride calling her, “My little steel magnolia.”

Her knees tremors slightly but she steadied. Her lips silently caressing the words of praise, steel magnolia.

Gloria let her mind turn back to her early childhood, to the moments between her rigorous hours of training. Hours had been spent in mountain meadows on hot summer weekends or racing down snowy winter slopes on disc shaped sleds, her mother, Adeline, had always insisted both Gloria and her sister spend as much time outdoors as possible. Though her trainers had objected, Adeline had forced the issue of family weekends, which meant two days where Gloria would train only two hours, independently and then spend the rest of the day on family outings.

Adeline had a particular desire for the family to feel a certain way amongst each other: She described it as hygge, which was a Norwegian word that was never really fully explained to Gloria other than by experience. The family would often settle into a good discussion or sit in their favourite chairs each with their cuppa or simply read in the same room as one another or do some quiet comfortable thing and after some time Adeline would sigh and smile. She would look around at each person and declare the moment, “So hygge my loves.”

Gloria’s lips shaped this second phrase–Hygge my loves.

She listened to the fullness of the present silence, it was the moment before the packed audience would burst into applause, and imagined the hot lights as the sun of the mountainside. She shifted on her toe ever so slightly–holding herself far past the final fading of the last note of a song. She imagined her father, Broderick, reading a book and suddenly looking up and asking, “How would you dance the dichotomy of war and peace?” She imagined, rising to point and forcing tension into her body, walking on a tightrope of diplomacy.

It was hard to tell how long she had spent with her thoughts when the tapping sound disrupted the quiet, rhythmically chipping away at Gloria’s concentration. Now steam rose off her sweat soaked body and nothing could stop her ankles from trembling, her abdominal muscles fluttered and her smile faltered, her arms fell from their framing position above her head. Her arches collapsed and the crack in her toenail opened into a chasm. She fell straight forward, catching herself at the last instant, her wrists protested mightily and a tear tracked down her chin where it wobbled like it was threatening to jump.

A boot connected with her ribcage.

“Up, little ballerina. Do you have something to say or shall we string you into position?” The interrogator asked.

Gloria closed her eyes. Mountain meadows rose up to meet her and the light sweet smell of flowers brushed by her face as she danced with helium fingers back to her family and away from the circumstances that would hold her down.




The Greatest Beyond

Hey guys, today you’re getting a short story. This is a really rough cut but would essentially be a beginning to a longer portal fiction story. Let me know what you think, what’s confusing, what you would change, what you like. Honestly, this was written mainly as a fun little project and is entirely based on the title, although I originally intended to take it in an entirely different direction.


Icy rain drops stuck stubbornly to Aubrey’s coat and eyelashes despite the steadily rising temperature that had nearly found the 0 degree celsius mark. Aubrey didn’t even try to wipe them away. She leaned comfortably on a fence post and watched animals shift under the shelter of the windbreak, black backs coated in ice.

From a distance all looked well but a quarter mile away Aubrey had shuddered at the site of a calf, curled up as though to keep warm, but frozen in place with its nose tucked in its flank. The cow to match the ill-fated calf was nowhere to be seen then. Aubrey sighed and hoisted herself back up into the saddle, her red-dun mutt of a horse–Henry–sighed back and they wandered towards the cattle casually.

The cattle looked at the horse with some trepidation but his meandering gait gave no reason for concern. Aubrey slowly sifted through the group, looking for any cows that had obviously just calved. She eventually settled on a big but thin cow who’s udder bulged in all directions. Henry deftly sorted the cattle, abruptly changing from lumbering to catty with only the lift of a rein. Five cows, including Aubrey’s choice, ended up pushed out of the herd and Aubrey deftly directed the cattle towards the fence line.

Time was a sort of slow-fast, that Aubrey thought of as unique to agriculture, that morning. Every movement of Henry’s muscles was snappy and purposeful, but they moved the cows with a standard peacefulness and at a low speed away from the group. It seemed slow-fast was always the best way to work with animals, you had to be just fast enough to be one step ahead of them but not so fast that they got scared. These commercial cows were very quiet though, Aubrey had noticed since she arrived two months earlier.

Aubrey let Henry have his head. He knew where they were headed and pushed the cattle on towards a set of pens a mile away. As they got within site of the pens Aubrey spotted a break in the fence line and tapped Henry up to cut the cattle away from the  barbed wire barrier. The cattle suddenly seemed fractious though, they pressed on along the fence line, speeding up and refusing to allow Henry to slip in beside the fence.

The hole in the fence was coming up fast and Aubrey groaned as she saw all her work bringing the cattle to the pens go up in smoke. Regardless, something had to be done, she dragged Henry’s nose to the inside and galloped past the cattle turning and stopping Henry ahead of them and unfortunately scattering the cows in the process. She watched as the cows suddenly objected to their relative loneliness and took off towards where they had come from.

Briefly she contemplated pelting after the uddered up cow but facing south again the freezing rain blew into her face harder and faster making her give up the idea for the moment. No way would that cow, worked up and all alone, turn around and come all the way back without a fight. She would probably go for the hole in the fence if Aubrey did get her back this far and knowing Murphy’s law Henry would probably slip in the icy, muddy slush and that could leave them both injured in the middle of nowhere.

Aubrey slipped off Henry and rubbed his neck. “We’ll go back and get her once we fix the fence, hey Hen?” The horse just nuzzled her pocket.

Together, Aubrey and Henry walked to the break in the fenced peered at it. All four wires were cleanly cut by the looks of the ends Aubrey picked up. She tossed them down disgustedly. Some recreational vehicle driver wanted a bit more space to ride probably, and just didn’t want to take the time to find a gate. It seemed silly though, what with the pens right there. Open a gate and you could drive straight into the alleyway of the pens and the gate into the pasture from the alleyway was open. Why cut a fence?

It was really inconsequential to Aubrey, it needed fixing either way. She fished around her saddle bags to see what she had for tools. The search produced enough extra wire to get the job done, a few staples, and a wire cutter. She grabbed one end of the bottom wire and brought it as close to the other as possible and then the other. She would need a stick to put a bit of tension in the wire. With Henry ambling after her on a loose rein she stepped across the fence line to cut branches of the trees in the ditch.

Her eyes burned momentarily with sudden brightness and she covered them with her arm until they adjusted. Opening her eyes she saw sand ahead of her, a warm breeze slipped by her cheek and Henry snorted. Looking behind her Aubrey couldn’t see a fence, she could’t see a blade of grass either. There was only sand and of course Henry. Looking ahead there was more sand and what looked like a group of camels, perhaps, headed towards her from an oasis. Aubrey stepped backwards two steps, trying to find her way back to a Canadian prairie, but there was no change. Sand shifted and nothing else.

The group coming towards her became more and more clear and made less and less sense. Aubrey contemplated mounting Henry again just to feel a little safer but was froze in confusion. The beasts, she realized as they came closer, where actually the size of a large pony but their colour was very similar to a camel, in all other respects they could be considered almost grey-hound like, clearly canine at least. They did have riders though. Henry flared his nostrils and blew out hard, his snort screamed nervousness but he stood firm, only glancing worriedly at Aubrey.

The giant dogs stopped and one of the riders handed off his reins and dismounted.

“Al sumarkeen samala garath.”

Aubrey blinked and shook her head. Trying to think of a way to explain she didn’t understand. It was then she remembered she was wearing her winter clothes. She tugged her silk wild rag down off the bridge of her nose, shifting it so it was around her neck and pulled the hood of her oil skin down. She didn’t want to appear hostile by staying entirely covered.

“Umm, sorry,” she began, “I speak English or French or Mandarin. Do you speak English? Francais?” She gestured back to the man.

“I simply said, greetings and mercy to you friend,” the stranger explained in accented English.

“Oh. Thank you, greetings to you and your friends as well. I’m sorry, I am somewhat lost, can you tell me where abouts I am?”

The man regarded her quizzically but answered, “You’re near the eastern edge of the Arhurrian in the jurisdiction of the kingdom of Tamarin.”

“Relative to North America, where would that be?” Aubrey inquired tentatively.

Now the man appeared confused and went back to his companions. Aubrey wondered if she had offended him, she thought she knew her geography reasonably well but neither Arhurrian or Tamarin was ringing a bell. He had an animated conversation with his companions before returning, with both of them, and all their dogs, trailing. Henry made a high pitched snort and his head jolted higher, dancing to either side he made his sentiments about giant rideable dogs known. Aubrey pulled him towards her and elbowed him in the shoulder to get his attention before placing a steadying hand on his neck and speaking a few words. The man waited patiently.

“Neither I nor my companions know of a place called North America, you seem perhaps more off track than you realize. My name is Bartholomew, and this is Markus and Artor.”

“Aubrey,” she replied, holding out a hand.

The men stepped away slightly as her hand came out and Aubrey, suddenly worried she had done something wrong, quickly withdrew it.

“Is there a city nearby that I could head towards then?” Aubrey inquired.

Now the man called Markus spoke, “Meloria is fairly nearby, but taking your beast there may not be the best idea.”

“You mean Henry?” Aubrey asked incredulous. “He’s entirely harmless, totally bomb proof.”

The men looked around at each other. “I think you misunderstand my companion, ” Bartholomew explained. “The creature you call Henry, he is… how does one explain it… he would be considered an incarnate god in Balerta, the kingdom within which Meloria lies.”

Aubrey stared at the men.

“An animal like this is rarely seen in these lands, in Balerta specifically your subjugation of him would be considered an offence punishable by death,” Bartholomew added, as though it clarified anything.

Aubrey turned to Henry and looked at him. “They think your a god Henry,” she whispered. “I’m not sure what to do.” Henry lowered his head and pressed his nose into her stomach, sighing into her jacket. Aubrey sighed back.

Turning around she addressed the men again. “Then where can I go? I need to reach a university or a library at the very least.”

Now Bartholomew’s nut brown face cracked to reveal a brilliant white smile. “Why then you are already in the right place. We ride out to you from Garindiga, you see the beginning of an oasis string which is home to great university. Garindiga starts just beyond the trees there.”

Aubrey looked at the oasis sceptically. These people could be lying to her, or they may not be. The real question was, did she have any options.

“Right. Then I will go there,” Aubrey replied.

She swung up onto Henry’s back lightly. The men in front of her gaped.

“Is there something wrong?” Aubrey asked, anxiety building.

“Your beast, he lets you not only adorn him with items, but ride him?” Markus looked as though he shivered as he spoke.

“I mean, Henry and I have our disagreements, but for the most part he’s happy to get me where I need to go.”

Bartholomew motioned to his companions and they mounted their dogs, he glanced at Aubrey again as Markus and Artor rode a little ways away to wait.

“I am leader of the guard in Garindiga and you are welcome to be our guest but be careful, even here many will be awed, afraid, or even hostile towards you if you carry on this way.”

“What should I do? What’s wrong?” Aubrey asked.

“You ride a creature hardly ever seen, and by many revered as a holy messenger. Many in Garindiga are of Tamarin and will not be worried by you, but those who are not will be very hostile.”

“So what do I do?”

“Dismount, remove the equipment on Henry and walk into the city with me.”

Aubrey slid back down and untacked Henry. She removed her halter from her saddle bags and replaced his bridle with it. She looked at her saddle lying in a heap on the ground. It was a nice saddle, her favourite actually, comfortable and simple.

“I’ll send someone back to retrieve it,” Bartholomew offered. “Remove that head piece too though.”

“But he’ll be totally loose,” Aubrey replied.


Aubrey turned away. How had she ended up here? She looked at Henry. They had done a lot together, he was a steady and trustworthy companion. Tears welled up in her eyes, he could die out here. Despite herself her shaking fingers settled on the knot of the halter. She untied it and let the halter drop. She brought her hands to his cheeks and drew Henry’s forehead to hers, closing her eyes. “Be safe little Hen, I’ll meet you back in Canada.”

For a few long moments they breathed each others air and then Aubrey’s hands clapped together. Her eyes snapped open. Henry had vanished. He wasn’t just galloping off into the distance, he wasn’t a little ways away looking for something to eat. His jaw had been between her hands and now all of him was gone. Aubrey’s chest heaved and her whole body shook. Where was Henry?

Hands grabbed her and she was spun around with such force her feet nearly slipped out from under her.

“What have you done!” Bartholomew whispered desperately. His grip on her wrists closed with vice like strength.

Aubrey opened her palms face up and shook her head speechlessly.

“This has not gone unnoticed!”

Bartholomew looked over his shoulder and Aubrey raised her eyes to see what he was looking at. Dust rose behind Markus he sprinted his dog towards the oasis. Artos remained but the look he directed at Bartholomew was full of meaning.

“This will be trouble,” Bartholomew growled.






Overthinking It!

Well guys, I looked back through my ideas for fun this summer and… I totally failed to do maybe eighty percent of them.

C’est la vie though right?

I also increasingly realize that I have so many ideas that a certain percentage of them will always be left undone, which I suppose makes prioritization key.

One idea that I have decided not to leave undone this year is getting fit again and hitting a more ideal weight. As an asthmatic carrying extra weight is always a negative–fat is inflammatory and my lungs like to take any excuse to be inflammatory and run with it.

This is something that has been on my mind for years now. Even in high school, when I was lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons it made me self-conscious to be as heavy as I was (probably about 175-185 lbs depending on the year). Riding horses as well, I always found myself worried about “the jiggle” at clinics with slim, long-legged fellow riders watching me bounce about on my horse.

Honestly, midway through junior high (right when puberty is kicking a person in the butt), I quit almost all the sports I was still participating in except horseback riding. The problem is, I was able to eat however I wanted when I was growing and playing sports but in junior high between hormones, quitting sports, and stalling out in the height department I was out-eating myself. At certain points in my life I even had a strange pride attached to being able to keep up with the boys eating wise and I have always had a self conscious thing about finishing my plate (if I served myself too much that’s my fault and I don’t want to throw out good food, or insult the cook).

Now, my mom is a nurse and when she was young she was in fabulous physical shape herself, meaning I know what eating right looks like and basically always have. The trouble was I had cash in my pocket and friends who hadn’t stopped growing and were always keen to go to the corner store or go out to eat because it was still a novelty at that point (to be independent). That plus the fact that we “never” had treats at home (we did, but not the kinds that came in plastic packaging like gushers and fruit by the foots etc.) meant I packed on a few pounds.

Even my mom, over the years has put on a few more pounds (and has a very similar build to me). That’s not to say she doesn’t eat healthy and exercise but deny thyself has never been a major motto for my family when it comes to food (exercise more is probably more our style but I’m the lazy one in the family on some fronts).

My sister has been on a fitness journey for years now, ever since she started university having come back from Bible college in Australia with the extra pounds she already had plus a few more, and is still working out quite a lot. For Sis, some of the journey was driven by health issues as well (junior rheumatoid arthritis, no longer junior but onset was early and painful). With her health stuff well controlled with medication and the extra pounds being more of a hinderance than ever she used the change of moving to University as a jump-off point for huge changes in her diet and exercise regimen.

Now, my sister is by far the more disciplined of us two but with all that said–I can drop ten pounds in two weeks if I’m not stressed out and nobody else is around to buy food and put it somewhere I can find it. Which only proves that not being at a good weight is shear laziness on my part.

This year I’ve decided to stop being ridiculous. I bought a new bike after my cheap one was stolen last year (plus locking skewers and a freaking amazing lock and cable set), I joined the masters swim club on campus (because I worry the least about being judged in the pool, compared to the gym), I walk to school if I’m not biking, and I am pushing myself to get up to running a non-stop 5km (this is slow going but I’m hopeful cross-training and giving myself until April to get up to that distance will do the trick). I’m also stretching five days a week for half an hour in the morning (good old o’six hundred, how I love…hate…love you).

I’m also cooking all my own food (which is pretty normal for me) and making time for it despite school (I’m squirrelling away leftovers into the freezer so I don’t have to cook when things go too nuts). The big change in my cooking this year is that I am emphasizing making sure I eat meat (protein is really important to my energy levels and concentration) because I have noticed I easily fall back on simple carbs when I’m stressed–or just eat gigantic, cheese and dried fruit happy salads and then carbs and candy when I still don’t feel satisfied–and don’t want to put in the effort (pasta or tortilla chips are just so easy).

Today, four weeks into school for me, I am down 9-10 lbs (sitting at 182). That might seem crazy considering I told you I can do that in two weeks but I’m super happy because it is a sustainable pace, I love what I’m eating, and I’m not hungry or feeling deprived. I also have never stuck to a consistent stretching routine for this long in my life!

Swim club starts on Friday and I am nervous (for all sorts of all-in-my-head reasons) but a little excited too! I’ll see you on the other side of that, but in the meantime here’s my favourite fast, high protein breakfast hack:


1/3 Cup Oatmeal

2-3 Tbsp. Hemp hearts (super high protein)

2 Tbsp. Chia seeds (also super high in protein)

1 Tbsp. Honey

Liquid as needed (for cool flavours steep your favourite tea ahead and use it, Chai or Jasmine Black Dragon is my favourite)

Season as you like (I love cinnamon, cardamom, or ground cloves, or make a sugarless gingerbread or pumpkin spice flavour. You can also omit the honey if you want to sweeten your spice mix)

Add frozen fruit (just a bit, raspberries are great and I freeze them from my Mom’s garden)


Just by adding the hemp hearts and chia seeds you pack in 15 extra grams of protein!  Many cereals have 5 g protein or less in a serving! I find this keeps me full for my morning classes (from 0830-1230) and often the serving is almost too much (sometimes I cut it back or even in half if I have a morning snack planned).


Have you ever fallen off the fitness wagon? How did you get back to it? Or if you didn’t do you feel that was a choice that made you happier?



Sunshine Bloggin’ It

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a new form of chain mail?

Well, I have to say thank you to the Mainepaperpusher (Linda) You should definitely check out her blog… here!

So, I didn’t know what the Sunshine Blogger Award was and with that in mind I’m going to give you a brief rundown of what it is: The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community. (Not my words, the description I got.)

So how does this work?

Well, it’s the bloggy, friendly equivalent of chain mail… which coincidentally I always ignore. So, to those whose blogs I plan to link–feel no obligation to continue the chain, I’m doing it because… well, Linda rocks!

Also note, for many of these blogs I am a silent observer so, well… sorry if you don’t recognize me! Some of them are single posts too, just certain ones I’ve read and liked. To any blogs I follow and didn’t list, or that I comment on regularly and don’t have on here, I mean no offence! I tried to include some of the blogs I less actively comment on or that I recently reread after an absence.

Basic info:

Generally you link back to your nominator.

You answer the 11 unique questions chosen by your nominator.

You nominate another 11 blogs (no tags-backs!).

You make a set of 11 questions for your nominees.

And you put up the Sunshine Blogger Logo at the top of your post and give the rules.

Now, this has been a long time coming. Mainly because I forgot about it, partially because compiling a list became a real process, and partially because I was dragging my feet on unleashing my first ever piece of “chain mail” unto the world. I have decided that it will be my one and only. So, enjoy it guys, in no particular order (if you want to go straight to my answers to the questions from Linda just go past the list)!

Dogtown–I love the simple things and hearing about peoples lives and this blog is one of my favourites for that.

D.I.Y.-ing Machine–I specifically love this post because I relate to it super strongly, but in general I love to see other people accomplishing their creative ideas and this is the place I look to for that.

jhubner73–This one is because it gave me a new Canadian artist to listen to who, honestly, didn’t scar my ears and sounds chill enough to chill me out (a tall order!).

Until Tomorrow— One of those, thank God I’m not alone, posts I read a while back.

Monahchopsis–One of my favourite places for a poetry fix.

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera–For the love of photography.

Observaterry–A walk on the arty side of my love.

Tea and Bannock— This article fabulously addresses mental health, self care, and a culture of busy people, relating specifically to higher education and I love it!

Hawaii Pacific Review— A poignant poem on breaking, power, beauty, and death and the relationship between it all.

Travel 67— Some striking Geisha’s (I am unsure of some of the terms used) and fabulous photos of the moment.

Sketching Family— Another arty trip.

And an extra little something for those curious clickers…

Now for Linda’s questions:

1. What do you believe is the root of the world’s problems today?

Probably greed, and ignorance. I just hate the “I worked hard for this so I’m not going to share because you haven’t worked hard enough/gone through enough in my opinion to deserve my government-papers-that-confer-value” and the “I-think-Google-and-me-are-smarter-than-my-doctor” attitudes. I mean, don’t enable and do advocate for yourself. However, while you’re at it stop trying to tell me that you need a new sports car every year and don’t want to pay taxes when you won’t step off your pedestal and help out the less fortunate without being forced to, and stop insisting that someone with eight years of education is lying because of twenty minutes of googling. Doing away with those attitudes could help us turn a corner towards supporting all people (regardless of nationality or economic circumstance) and advancing innovation and problem solving.

2. If you could be a television star, what character would you want to be?

Hawkeye, both Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce and the Hawkeye/Clint Barton at once but in parallel universes (so, not like a Clark Kent/Superman thing where I have to change in a phone booth or anything) and you know, female versions of them.

3. Other than basic necessities, what are 3 things you would take with you as you colonize Mars?

Um, is a bag/box/storage pod of books a single item? I’m going to say yes. So, that, and since its “things” I’m going to say family doesn’t qualify, and pets don’t so… a fairy garden of earth plants, and…my favourite pocket knife.

4. What is the title of the book you would write if you were stranded on a desert island?

Lessons of Lakes and Rivers: The Mirage Reflections

5. If you were a color, what would it be, and why?

Sea glass teal–because while I’m easily understood as I am now, you’ll never completely know where I’ve been, or clearly see whats inside/who I am. I think never truly knowing a person is true of anyone but the whole not knowing me/where I’ve been isn’t because I’m trying to be cryptic or melancholy, it’s just because of the sheer number of adventures I’ve gone on completely within my own mind.

6. What food do you absolutely detest?

I hate the texture of tomato innards.

7. In the “Queen/King of the World” election, who would you vote for and why?

Ryan Reynolds, because he has a fantastic sense of humour and seems to tell it like it is. I don’t think he would take himself too seriously, and he might even get something done.

8. What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

In an airport parking garage elevator with some singing superstar and her body guard (he’s between her and I and the squish is crazy tight) and she has long dangley earrings. I look over and notice she has a piece of sliced sandwich meat hooked to one of her earrings. So I’m like, “Excuse me, you have a piece of sandwich meat on your earring.” She glances over at her earring, yanks the piece of sandwich meat off and says, “Oh, that’s where it went”, and proceeds to eat it. Throughout it all her body guard doesn’t even move.

9. If you could pick an existing symbol/icon/logo to represent you, what would it be and why?

The Toblerone mountain–to remind myself and everyone who encounters me to explore more.

10. What is your favorite joke that you’ve told more than once?

Oh, cheesy as all get out but the interrupting cow one and less cheesy but also less relevant now unless you change all the names the George Bush and a teenager in a plane one.

11. What is your favorite mode of transportation, even if you’ve never experienced it?

First, horseback, but as it is typically a little too slow… Trains. Love em. Slow enough to see the sights (unless we’re talking bullet I suppose), but fast enough to get you there before your holiday is up. I also love planes, mainly because I find turbulence fun but really there’s less to see. Although, on the unexperienced list would be dragon, hypogryph, and pegasus.

Now, your mission (my eleven questions), should you choose to accept it, is difficult, harrowing even. Know there is no shame in not completing all the objectives, the only true objective is personal reflection (some of the answers here are probably awfully personal so no pressure to post all your answers):

  1. What one thing should someone know about you if they truly know you?
  2. What is one thing you regret doing?
  3. What is one thing you don’t regret doing that others might think you should?
  4. What is one thing you regret not doing?
  5. If you had to get a tattoo what would you get (feel free to draw this one or put in a picture)?
  6. What is your opinion in the debate about doctor assisted suicide/human euthanasia (controversial I know, don’t feel obligated to answer even if you are doing the questions)?
  7. Are freedom and law and order at odds with each other?
  8. If you could make up any word and it would instantly become part of the vocabulary of the world what would the word be, and what would it mean?
  9. If your life where reduced to a single haiku what would the haiku say (in your own words)?
  10. What where the first words out of your mouth after you made the biggest mistake of your life (thus far), do you think they were fair?
  11. If you knew that the love of your life (assume you believed such a thing existed), your true match, had passed away before you ever met them, would you still pursue an imperfect love with someone else?