Hey, Erika here. If you’re reading this… well I’m impressed, you actually found this little slice of internet. I didn’t really start this blog with the intent of it being read. I started this more as a spot to publish thoughts and ramblings, and maybe a good spot to put the occasional short story. It would be cool if someone read it (you), but it’s more about just being brave enough to put something out there for me. That said, I’m glad your here.



  1. EphemeralMindBlog · April 25, 2017

    I just read your first post and you seem really cool. You write very well and your content is engaging. I’m at university now too and what you said about racing upwards and not onwards is interesting and something I really need to reflect on and keep at the back of my mind all the time. I’m following your blog now and hope to reading more of your thoughts!

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    • Erika D. · April 25, 2017

      Thanks! I found this in the writing folder on my computer and really felt it was something that was needed out there today. Watch out for Wednesday too, I have a more recent reflection that actually ties into this one in a super funny way!

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  2. Benjamin Ngiam · May 30, 2017

    Hi, I’m currently reviewing your blog LIVE via livestream on YouTube! Check out this blog post
    for the link to the stream and feel free to chat with everyone in the chatroom or perhaps even review my blog for me too 😃

    Hope to see you there bud!

    Your pal,


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