Pitbulls and Poetry

Today was tough, though by the time you read this it won’t be today. I decided to write a poem about it but one of my favourite writing sites had¬†a short story prompt. The idea was that you would write a short story in six words that would be evocative and emotional, finishing with a word that rhymed with a given word.

I cared for a patient today that, combined with an incident earlier in the week, really disturbed me.

Naturally, I composed a reply for the prompt and posted it but I found that six words was just a bit to small for what I really wanted to say. So, I composed an extremely similar piece with a few more words/slightly different words. I thought I might share it here.


From the Front Lawn of Strangers

Status: FUBAR on arrival

Saturday-night-special: Birdshot smile.

Patient: pitbull, Sweetpea (Jane Doe).





P.S. FUBAR and PBAB are common medical abbreviations, as is Dx: FUBAR means fucked up beyond all repair/recognition, PBAB means pine box at bedside, and Dx is short for diagnosis.


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