Self Over-Educated

Hey guys, want to know how big of a nerd I am? Well let’s talk about my summer plans in list format!


The adventures I currently have planned are:

I bought “Scales, Chords, and Arpeggios for the Piano” and a three-in-one theory book to improve my musical foundation and plan to play from it for thirty minutes a day (feel free to bug me about this on any post I put up between now and August, maybe then I’ll feel guilty enough to actually keep up with it).

My roomie for the summer and I made a bet which is resulting in an art competition between us, winner gets two boxes of their favorite cereal or two coffees of their choice based on my other roomies judgment.

I have planned out my reading, separated into fiction and non-fiction, and scheduled it week by week with morning and evening timeslots. It’s library time!

I’ll be doing one sketch each morning or at least working on one (again, feel free to harass me about them/ask to see them).

I’m going through all my notes from my major classes last year (starting with the courses worth the most credits first) and compiling them into a single, personal, integrated “textbook”. Also, I am creating a basic cheat sheet for the start of each of my binders.

I am travelling for two weeks in July.

I have two weddings to go to this summer (possibly three).

My roomie and I are going to visit a corpse flower that is blooming in the local botanical garden. (Woohoo! Incredibly large flower that is so stinky it was named after rotting flesh!) Hopefully this is going to occur at midnight, but we’ll see.

One word: Bananagrams. Millions and millions of games of bananagrams.

I found two of the coolest fibre stores in the area I’m living for the summer! One even gets its own dye lots that aren’t available anywhere else (there’s this one that is just… drool). And they both carry roving!

I bought some gorgeous wool to weave a wall hanging with… yep.

I get to work! So excited (and I bought scrubs! The best scrubs ever, they’re so great).


Adventures currently in the works:

Trying to see if the local P.D. will allow me to observe their military working dog training or take me on a ride along with one of their canine units.

Trying to see if I can get a private tour of the national MWD training center (which is a couple hours away).

I am hoping to sign up for a beginner, one day fibre dying course.

Folk festival maybe, I don’t even know if this city has one…

I might do a bit of painting, or a series of detailed portraits of my family (black and white with one colour element).


Adventures being considered in a general sense:

I want to do some hiking, not quite sure where yet.

I am thinking of a couple of small road trips.

I am thinking about trying to swim a couple of days a week again, since I’ve gotten out of the habit.

A figure drawing class… I’m just going to leave that at that.


Yep, I am high on the nerd scale. Most of what I’m planning is moderately educational and totally devoid of risk. I’m a little bit Bilbo Baggins, when really I wish I was more Pippin, and Mary (or Aragorn, but then we’re not staying on the hobbit theme). That said, which of these would you like to see a post about most? Do you have big plans for your summer? Any suggestions for things I’m missing in my summer?




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